Dribbble 235

APDPVI -Organisation- Logo Design Author: https://dribbble.com/Elena-Greta

Sush.io Business Cards

Mockup preview of our new business cards that will be printed this week for all of our team. Author: https://dribbble.com/Cdnc

8 Days Eat Dribbble

So finally got round to putting up my first shot. This is a design for an app I worked on a few months ago. A food app based in Singapore. Author: https://dribbble.com/DavidLaw

Branding Mock-up PSD

Yet another branding stationery PSD mock-up. I really enjoy playing around with photos lately 🙂 Author: https://dribbble.com/GraphicBurger

iOS Game icon

We’re working on a small and simple iOS game and here’s it’s icon for now. I’ll post some more screens soon and hopefully it will on the App Store in the first half of August. Author: https://dribbble.com/catalinfertu

Pathfinder Character App

I’ve been playing Pathfinder once a week with the guys at work and it’s great fun. Sadly, there are really no decent apps out there for character management. I spent some time this evening putting some ideas down. Author: https://dribbble.com/AdamWhitcroft

Creative Mints

When I work on my personal projects I often feel like a marathon runner (I do run those actually) – each free evening, every hour, minute and moment I can snitch is a new chance to take a step closer to finishing the next version of my website. The next version that will take months[…]


A followup to one of my recent posts about the pantones. Unfortunately the client rejected the last concept so I’m exploring other ideas. I’ll be glad to read your comments and feedback. Author: https://dribbble.com/creativemints